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Chef Sidharth

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Chef Sidharth is one of the worlds best chef ‘s. Many people don’t know who he is, but they do. He has one of the most famous cooking shows in the world, Gourmet Getaways. The show airs on all three major US networks and many other countries’ station’s as well. Every week Chef Sidharth goes to a ”world class restaurant” somewhere in America and cooks four courses for them. After that he travels to another city or town and does it again with different chefs every time.

It was just announced that there will be an eleventh season of Gourmet Getaways which means two things: Chef Sidharth must have visited over 200 restaurants so far (because each team only gets to see him once) and his is more popular than ever before since he was on TV for various years before the Getaways.

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Chef Sidharth is also known for his relationship with Wife Swap star Hillary Tindle. They got married last year and shortly after that they announced she was pregnant. The baby girl, whose name is still unknown, was born at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick on November 13th 2016. Their daughter now has a playmate since Chef Sidharth just announced he’s expecting another child with Ellen Russo who used to be married to fellow chef Marco Rossi (who was involved in a high profile case last year).

His food ranges to many different styles from indian to modern european foods that has attracted many foodies and restaurants to have him as a consultant and opening up restaurants in the US. One of his most well known contributions to Indian food in New Jersey is The Spice Route which was awarded best Indian restaurant by NJ Monthly.

He has also made appearances on shows like Iron Chef America, Unique Eats, Unwrapped 2.0 , DDD, Beat Bobby Flay etc.
His recipes have been published in national newspapers as well as magazines like Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking , Sauce Magazine etc. His next project is the Spice Kitchen where he wants to make common spices exotic with some modern cooking techniques. 

Eating well for Chef Sidharth starts with an attentive balance of many various ingredients he is famous for using, which is a concept that drives each and every meal. He’ll show you how to make meals that provide nutritional value while also having plenty of flavor.

He is a self-taught cook who started cooking at the age of 30. His first job was as a chef to a yacht in New Zealand and then went on to become a Head Chef for The Oberoi Group, India before he decided to take up his true passion

In 2011, Chef Sidharth joined as Executive Sous Chef & Vice President – Culinary for Mirex Global. In 2012, he became the restaurant consultant and eventually moved on as the Executive Creative Director of Food & Beverage division for PMC inc., Denmark since Jan 2015. He is also the part time faculty for Denmark Culinary Academy in both Denmark & UK since 2013.

His passion for food and cooking has taken him across the world. Before learning cooking from his mother, Sidharth pursued a career as an engineer and then as a chef to a yacht in New Zealand. He became a Head Chef for The Oberoi Group, India before eventually taking up his true passion—culinary arts.

With over 20 years of experience in international kitchens under his belt, he serves as the Executive Creative Director of Food and Beverage division for many of the world’s leading hotels by virtue of which role, he conceptualizes menus, writes recipes and guides the chefs at many of these luxury hotels.

He is constantly involved in creating innovative menus for both Indian and International cuisines which are not just new to Indians but also the ones that create rave reviews among his guests.

Sidharth was born in Chennai on 23 May 1970 to Mr & Mrs Joseph Raj who started Jupiter Hospitality, catering division in 1989. He spent his childhood days playing with ice cream scoops while watching pastry chefs whip up delicate desserts on marble counter tops, dreaming of one day joining them. By age 13 he had already decided what he wanted to be—a chef! Sidharth studied Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology.